He Lost 14lbs In 12 Weeks On A Vegan Diet! Steal His Plant-Based Secrets NOW!

He Lost 14lbs In 12 Weeks On A Vegan Diet! Steal His Plant-Based Secrets NOW!

January 27, 2023 0 By FitnessTips

Stephen shares lessons from his plant-based weight loss transformation so far!
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00:00 – Stephen’s amazing before & after
00:36 – Eating your feelings & meals out
03:31 – Vegan vs. WFPB diet
04:28 – How bad habits snowball
05:27 – You need a proper PLAN
07:07 – Stephen’s tipping point
11:00 – The easiest part of Ryan’s program
12:04 – Losing weight IS easy?!
13:02- Hardest part of Ryan’s program
16:42 – Balancing your meals with family needs
18:39 – Keeping nutrition SIMPLE
23:00 – We like familiarity, not taste
23:38 – Saving calories for “treats”
25:55 – Ryan’s problem with IF
27:55 – Adjusting to 3x meals a day
29:10 – Making weight loss PERMANENT
30:15 – How Stephen turned the corner
32:46 – How to change your habits
33:39 – Eating on trips & vacations
36:04 – Beware the slippery slope
37:30 – Reflections on Stephen’s journey

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