Build Big Triceps with Bands (NO WEIGHTS!)

Build Big Triceps with Bands (NO WEIGHTS!)

October 7, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

If you want to build big triceps with bands and didn’t think it was possible, then this is the video for you. Here, I am going to show you the best way to build bigger triceps using just resistance bands and no weights. In times of gym closures and an increase in the number of people doing home triceps workouts, having a resource for the best band exercises for triceps is going to help you to meet your goals without having to compromise.

All of these triceps exercises can be done with one to two sets of resistance bands. It is a good idea to have varying resistance levels of them so you can introduce more exercises.

The first exercise shown is the banded standing dip. While you can certainly use a band as additional resistance when performing an upright dip (either using dip bars or a kitchen counter corner,) the benefit of this exercise is to mimic the dip movement without needing somewhere to suspend yourself in air. Using a heavier resistance band will allow you to overload your triceps even more.

The next triceps exercise is the banded JM press. A great exercise that can be performed with a barbell or dumbbells can also be accomplished using nothing but a resistance band. An added benefit of this version of the exercise is that you don’t even need a bench to do it; you can simply wrap the band around your back and lay on the floor.

Some of the best triceps exercises you can do are bodyweight based, such as pushup variations, but what if you could make those exercises better? Well we can do just that by adding a band to include some extra resistance on those movements. With the diamond cutter pushup, we can do just that by wrapping a band around our back and getting down to the floor. Make sure to keep those elbows tight your body as you perform each rep in order to get the most out of the triceps.

One of my favorite triceps exercises, the db lying triceps extensions, can actually be modified to fit our needs as a banded triceps exercise too. To perform the banded lying extensions, lay on the ground with the band attached to a low anchor point, and allow the arms to extend back over your head. When you reach the top portion of the rep, you will feel more tension on the triceps than normal as the resistance of the band is acting perpendicular to the forearms whereas in the standard version, the weight of the dumbbells and gravity are acting parallel to the forearms.

Amongst exercises for triceps, the kickback is not beloved by all. However, the banded kickback shouldn’t be overlooked. With an overload of resistance from the band on the long head of the triceps in its peak contracted state, this banded exercise allows for a new opportunity for triceps growth.

The banded overhead extension takes the db power bomb exercise and introduces a difference in the resistance curve of the exercise that makes it worth trying. When performed with a dumbbell, there is less tension on the triceps when at the top end of the exercises. However, when doing it with a band, the resistance is greatest at the top, making it the perfect compliment to an already great exercise.

The banded woodchopper pushdown allows not only for extra body english to use heavier-resisted band, but also allows you to get your arm further back behind your body – giving the opportunity for greater contraction on the triceps. It’s a great way to mimic a heavily weighted triceps pushdown with a little extra benefit.

The banded pushaway plus takes the triceps pushaway and adds a little extra to it. Once you reach the overhead position, hold your arms there and take a step away from the band. This added isometric overload on the triceps is a great way to add a little extra resistance to an otherwise good option.

We can take the same exercise and add in a little extra conditioning effect with a very dynamic movement called the twisting lunge and pushaway. Use a low anchor point, lunge, and press. This will not only hit your triceps but will also give you more global conditioning benefits as well.

One of my favorite bodyweight options for hitting the triceps is the cobra pushup, but adding a band makes it that much better. Adding that extra resistance with the band overloads the triceps further to stimulate hypertrophy.

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