This Workout Will Make You Sweat

This Workout Will Make You Sweat

July 28, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

A little burn goes a long way. And some movement can produce a whole lot of burn if it’s constant and does not let up. The workout requires non-stop movement, you’re on the balls of your feet, all the time jumping, bouncing, twisting, hoping. As your calves begin to feel the strain your lungs will also begin to feel the load which means you’re doing everything just the way it should be done. home workout, home exercise, workout program, from home workout, at home workout, lose fat, lose belly fat, abs exercises, abs exercises at home no equipment, belly fat loss exercise, belly fat loss exercise at home.

0:00 Static Lunge
0:40 Knee Skips
1:51 Side Lunge
2:31 Overhead Jack
3:42 Butt Kicks
4:22 Double Knee Drive
5:28 High Knee Squat
6:08 Front Kick In Place

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