The Best Standing Stretching Exercises At Home

The Best Standing Stretching Exercises At Home

June 17, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Stretching primes the body for the active movements to come, essentially getting ready to use their muscles. The best warm-up exercises for people are easy to do, fun, and easy to teach. A good stretch also offers the benefits of both injury prevention and improved performance. That’s thanks to increased blood flow to the muscles, as well as improved range of motion.

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0:00 Above Head Stretch
0:48 Arms Flinging
1:36 Side Bend
2:24 Two Side Bend (bent arm)
3:12 One Arm Circling
4:00 Arms Circling
4:48 Swimmer
5:36 Hip Circles
6:25 Rotation Stretch
7:13 Front Toe Touching

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