10 Minute Morning Stretches Routine

10 Minute Morning Stretches Routine

January 27, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

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0:00 Circles Arm
0:55 Slopes Towards Stretch
1:50 Waist Circle
2:45 Middle Back Stretch
3:40 Hip Circles Stretch
4:36 Bent knees Twist
5:31 Bridge Hip
6:26 Superman Stretch
7:21 Glute Stretch (L)
7:51 Glute Stretch (R)
8:31 Hamstring Stretch (L)
9:01 Hamstring Stretch (R)
9:41 Quadriceps Stretch (R)
10:12 Quadriceps Stretch (L)
10:47 Camel Pose

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