10 Effective Ab Exercises to Build a Stronger Core

10 Effective Ab Exercises to Build a Stronger Core

January 15, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Your body may be a temple, but it’s also pretty lazy when left to its own devices. If part of your core is weak, other body parts will be recruited to burden the load, not just in the gym but during everyday activities like sitting at your desk or driving. If your lower abs are lacking, ultimately your back and hips will pay the price. effective ab exercises at home,effective ab exercises at the gym,effective abs exercises for beginners,effective ab exercises,effective ab exercises videos.

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0:00 Crunches
0:55 Russian Twist
1:50 Arm and Leg Lift
2:45 Plank Toe Tap
3:41 Plank With arm Raise
4:36 Abs Twist
5:31 Crunch ver.2
6:27 Reverse Crunch
7:22 Long Arm Crunch
8:17 Elbow To Knee Crunch (L)
9:02 Elbow To Knee Crunch (R)

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