25 types of Push Ups At Home

25 types of Push Ups At Home

January 13, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

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0:00 Kneeling Push up
0:10 Basic Push Up
0:20 Delt Tap Push Up
0:38 Side 2 Side Push Up
1:01 Side Kick Push Up
1:19 Pike Push Up
1:35 Hindu Push Up
1:57 Single Arm Push Up
2:17 Forearms Push Up
2:30 Beginner Planche Push up
2:43 Power Push up
2:58 Clap Push up
3:10 Wide Push up
3:23 One leg push up
3:36 Diamond Push up
3:49 Close Grip Push up
4:02 Decline Push Up
4:16 Medicine Ball Push Up
4:29 Handstand Push Up
4:42 Superman Push up
4:55 Kneeling Cobra Push up
5:11 Elbow Push up
5:24 Archer Push up
5:37 Rotational Push Up
5:50 Incline Push-Up

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