9 MIN BUTT + LEG STRETCH – for everyone training booty & legs regularly I Pamela Reif

9 MIN BUTT + LEG STRETCH – for everyone training booty & legs regularly I Pamela Reif

June 22, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

Training your booty a lot? ♥︎ you better take those 9 minutes to stretch it! / Werbung

Imagine: we always squeeze squeeze & squeeze our butt cheeks… but do we actively help the muscles recover? Most stretching routines focus on hamstrings, thighs, hips and calves. And I agree, it’s super hard to actually lengthen the booty muscles. But in between those leg stretches you will find some booty stretches that feel AMAZING 🙂

PS: the Pretzel looks weird, but it actually hits the booty so nicely haha. I was sore on that day and I could feel it verrrrrry well 🙂

Apart from that, you also and mind, , .

You can do this routine:
– to calm down your entire body
– prevent injuries
– make sure your body will recover quicker & stay smooth and flexible
– if you feel sore, the day after an intense Leg Day
– on a daily basis
– at the end of your workout session
– to wake up in the morning
– before you go to bed


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