Hip Mobility and Knee Correction

Hip Mobility and Knee Correction

May 13, 2023 0 By FitnessTips

Your hips play an important role in your overall mobility. Hip problems caused by injuries or chronic conditions can impact your ability to move and perform… Hip mobility stretches alleviate tight and sore hips, particularly for runners and ultrarunners who sit a lot during the workday. Home stretches and exercises to correct your “knock knee” problem (knees that cave in or genu valgus) and knee pain!

0:00 Single Leg Stretch
1:06 Single Leg Rotation
2:12 Iron Cross Stretch
3:18 Iron Cross Stretch 2
4:23 lying side twist
5:08 Side Lying Leg Circle
6:14 Side Hip Abduction
7:19 Lying Leg raise
8:25 Knee Extension
9:11 Hip Flexor Stretch
9:56 Knee Circles
10:42 Standing Leg Circles
11:27 Knee Raise
12:13 Hip Circles Stretch

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