My Morning Exercises After Waking up

My Morning Exercises After Waking up

May 11, 2023 0 By FitnessTips

In this video, you through a gentle morning stretch which can be done when you wake up or later on. morning stretches for beginners, 5 stretches to do every morning, morning stretch routine male, morning stretches in bed, standing morning stretches, morning stretch routine for woman, stretching in the morning benefits, 5 minute morning stretch for beginners.

0:00 lying down breathing (bent knee)
0:42 Pelvic Bridge
1:24 Frog
2:06 Lying Air Cycles
2:48 Bridge Pose Arm Flow
3:30 Locust Pose
4:12 Press Swan
4:54 Kneeling Child Pose
5:36 Twisted Leg Lunge Pose
6:55 Garland Pose
7:37 Shoulder Flexor Retractor
8:19 Seated Retraction

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