Effective Cardio Exercises At Home

Effective Cardio Exercises At Home

March 7, 2023 0 By FitnessTips

There are plenty of cardio exercises that can be done at home with little to no equipment. These include exercises such as jumping jacks, running in place… This cardio workout you can do at home without lacing up your running shoes. A good home cardio workout gets your heart rate up to promote total-body wellness!

0:00 Switching Downward Punch
0:47 Curtsy Lunges
1:27 High Knee Drives
2:08 Hip Swirls
2:48 Punch Jacks
3:29 Body Front Slams
4:09 Side Squats
4:50 High Knee Sprints
5:30 Run
6:11 Slams
6:52 Ball Sit-up
7:32 Jump Rope

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