10 Exercises That Improve Posture

10 Exercises That Improve Posture

January 17, 2023 0 By FitnessTips

If you want to improve your posture, specific stretches and exercises can help. Many people today complain about having back pain and poor posture from sitting at a desk all day. Effective exercises to improve posture, neck posture correction, how to fix bad posture, forward head posture, posture subliminal, improve posture exercises, posture correction exercises, how to permanently fix posture, posture correction exercises, upper back posture exercises, how to improve posture women, how to fix bad posture when sitting, physical therapy exercises for posture, stretches to improve posture, is bad posture permanent

0:00 standing shrug
0:47 spine backbend stretch
1:32 triangle fly
2:17 standing fly
3:03 reverse shoulder stretch
3:48 PVC Pass Through
4:34 shoulder stretch behind the back
5:20 doorway biceps curl
6:05 cobra
6:51 cat stretch

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