Do This Morning Exercise Every Day

Do This Morning Exercise Every Day

December 22, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

14 morning exercises to wake up your body (neck, spine, hips, glutes and shoulders) morning stretch routine for beginners, morning stretch routine for flexibility, 5 stretches to do every morning, good morning stretches for back.

0:00 Air Cycles
0:46 Dead Bug
1:32 Double Leg Stretch
2:17 Cobra
3:03 Swimmer Kicks
3:48 Bird Dog
4:34 kneeling neck stretch
5:20 Cat Stretch
6:05 seated neck side stretch
6:51 Butterfly Stretch
7:37 kneeling stretch
8:22 Camel Stretch
9:07 leg cross stretch
9:53 rest

How do you warm up for morning exercise?
What are 5 warm up exercises?
What are the 3 basic warm up exercises?
What is the best exercise to do first thing in the morning?

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