My Best Morning Exercises

My Best Morning Exercises

October 12, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

A good warm up primes the body for action, slowly increases the heartbeat and brings up the body temperature as the cardiovascular system kicks in. The Universal Warmup lives up to its name by delivering a gentle, thorough, full-body warmup that will not increase the risk of injury afterwards and will leave you feeling supple and ready for anything. Your body will thank you for it. morning exercises to lose weight, morning stretching exercises, morning exercises, stretching exercises morning, morning exercises to lose belly fat, morning stretching exercises for beginners, japanese exercises morning, morning exercises for students, do these stretching exercises every morning.

0:00 push and arms crossover
0:38 arm double crossover
1:14 standing elbow touch
1:52 elbow to elbow
2:29 standing triangle fly
3:06 standing Hip Circle
3:44 circles Knee
4:21 ankle circles
4:58 bouncing circle draw
5:35 horizontal & saggital rotation

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