Do These Morning Exercises Every Day

Do These Morning Exercises Every Day

October 2, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

This warmup routine will allow the body come awake, gradually speeding up circulation, metabolic rate and heartbeat and it’ll help you get the most out of your workout routines as you don’t spend a lot of time preparing the body, then. This is a light warm up that you can do before any exercise routine. running warm up, zumba warm up, 5 minute warm up, fitness blender warm up, warm up before running, full body warm up, dynamic stretching warm up, morning exercises to lose weight, morning exercises, stretching exercises morning, morning exercises to lose belly fat, japanese exercises morning, do these stretching exercises every morning, wake up exercises morning:

0:00 Sumo Quarter Squat Tip Toe with Arms Curl
0:41 Stepback & Hands Raise
1:20 Standing March
2:01 Punch stepback
2:41 Twist march
3:21 Sweep march
4:03 Twist stepback
4:41 Stepjack overhead press
5:21 Arms circle front step
6:01 Leg front lift jack

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