10 Day Standing Workout To Lose Body Fat

10 Day Standing Workout To Lose Body Fat

September 28, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

This full body fat loss in 10 days, home workout guide will help you lose fat-weight from home with low impact and apartment friendly exercises. Get ready to sweat through this total body fat burn HIIT workout from home without equipment. 7 min workout, quiet workout, no jumping workout, no jumping exercises, full body workout, full body hiit, ab workout, arm workout,

0:00 Side step lateral raise
0:46 Top bottom punch
1:32 Step knee thrust
2:18 Turn side step
3:04 Squat down twist
3:50 Bouncing inner thigh tap
4:36 Shoulder rotation twist lunge
5:22 Arm crossover curtsy
6:08 Cross body punch jack
6:54 Side step boxing handroll

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