My Simple Morning Routine To Get Healthy

My Simple Morning Routine To Get Healthy

September 22, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

For a few years now I have made waking up with a light stretch routine part of my morning ritual. I will work myself through 8 or 12 stretches to get the blood flowing, become aware of my breath, and loosen up my joints to get the day started. I want to share my favorite morning stretches so that you can implement some or all of them into your morning routine as well!

0:00 fingers down stretch
0:46 wrist extensor stretch
1:31 Wrist Circles
2:16 wrist flexor stretch
3:01 standing back squeeze
3:46 standing fly
4:31 palm up palm down
5:16 svend press
6:01 arm crossover
6:46 elbow fly palm press
7:32 alternate front kick arm circles
8:17 Arm Circle Stepback

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