Mobility Stretching Exercises (After Workout)

Mobility Stretching Exercises (After Workout)

September 21, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Stretching makes the muscles supple. It increases muscle fiber density and it helps create greater balance in the way muscle tissue is distributed along the muscle length. As a result, stretching helps increase muscle power and increase the degree of freedom of movement a muscle group enjoys. As a total, stretching liberates the body from its own strength and places it more under your control. daily stretch routine, stretching, stretch, stretching routine, full body stretch, madfit full body stretch, daily yoga routine, daily flexibility routine, daily mobility routine, daily stretch, flexibility routine, mobility routine, full body stretch routine, full body, no equipment:

0:00 Wall press and twist
0:40 Elbow flexor stretch
1:20 Roll ball deltoid posterior
2:01 Roll ball upper trapezius release
2:41 Shoulder stretch behind the back
3:21 Shoulder Dislocations
4:01 Roll forearms
4:41 Roll single leg side lying on floor
5:41 Roll peroneal side lying on floor
6:42 Lying Lower Back Stretch

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