10 Ball Exercises for Toned ABS

10 Ball Exercises for Toned ABS

July 23, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Abs need constant work in order to be strong, supple and well-defined. The Homemade Abs workout helps you keep your abs in shape by targeting the four major abdominal muscle groups. crunches, 6 pack, total abs, abs obliques, lower abs, workout plan:

0:00 Rotational Crunch
0:40 Seated Twist
1:51 Sit-up
2:31 Russian Twist
3:42 Rollout on Knees
4:22 Rounded Rollout
5:33 Bent Knees Twist
6:18 Ball Leg Extension
7:29 Crunch legs on ball
8:10 Pull In (on ball)

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