How to Lose Weight (Just Repeat These Exercises)

How to Lose Weight (Just Repeat These Exercises)

July 22, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

This is a transformative, bodyweight cardio based program. Cardio High is designed to push your VO2 Max to its limits, get you into the sweatzone fast and keep you there and help you extend the length of time your muscles can work without tiring. Form is key here but so is speed of execution and since we are talking about endurance here and you do need to increase the speed of your recovery time.

0:00 Jump Twist
1:00 Opposite Touches
2:00 Punch Squat
3:00 Kickback Swipe
4:00 Fly Stepback
5:00 Knee Drive
6:00 Downward Punch
7:00 Down Twist
8:00 Stepjack Biceps Curl
9:00 Front Kick in Place
10:00 Punch Jack
11:00 Biceps Curl Front Step
12:00 Stepback with Puch
13:00 Thigh Tap
14:00 Hamstring Curl with Punch

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