My Stretching Exercises Every Day!

My Stretching Exercises Every Day!

June 11, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Simple daily stretches can bring tremendous health improvements that last. Bend is the simplest way to practice stretching exercises at home to improve flexibility, recover mobility, and relieve back, neck, shoulder and hip pain. With easy-to-follow stretching and yoga poses, you’ll be able to instantly start a daily stretching routine and stick to it, even as a beginner.

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0:00 Bridge
0:53 Cross Stretch
1:46 Single Leg Stretch
2:39 Straight Leg Stretch
3:32 All Fours Stretch
4:25 Sitting Wide Leg Stretch
5:18 Hip Stretch
6:11 Hip Adduction
7:04 Arms around the body
7:57 Spine Stretch

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