Leg Stretching Exercises Improve Flexibility

Leg Stretching Exercises Improve Flexibility

May 10, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Static stretching. This is the most common. It’s done by extending the muscle as far as you comfortably can and holding the stretch for up to 30 seconds. There are two types of static stretches:
Active: You pull, or push, on the muscle to increase the intensity of the stretch.
Passive: Someone else applies force to the muscle, or you use something like a towel or elastic band to increase the intensity.
Dynamic stretching. This involves moving continuously to imitate a portion of the sport or exercise that you perform. For example, if you’re a runner, you could take slow strides in which you raise your knees to your chest and pump your arms slowly.

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0:00 Sitting Wide Leg Stretch
0:39 Hip Stretch
1:19 Adductor stretch
1:59 Knee Stretch
2:39 Single Leg Stretch
3:19 Single Straight Leg Stretch
3:59 Leg Stretch
4:39 Hamstring Stretch
5:19 Quadriceps stretch
5:58 Stretch Thighs
6:38 Standing Hip Stretch
7:18 Side to Side Stretch

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