12 MIN SIDE BOOTY – Gluteus Medius Activation, Hourglass, shape your upper side butt I Pamela Reif

12 MIN SIDE BOOTY – Gluteus Medius Activation, Hourglass, shape your upper side butt I Pamela Reif

May 3, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Oh gosh – I was shaking haha ♥︎ a fireeeee Booty Activation Routine – especially for the Gluteus Medius!

What’s the Gluteus Medius?
Our butt consists out of 3 muscles. And if you want to make the Kardashian’s envy your booty, we gotta work on all of them 😀 The gluteus medius helps to create an hourglass figure & make your hips rounder – at the top side part. It’s the muscle you touch when you run your hands down the sides of your back.

▸ without squats, lunges or jumps
▸ floor only, low impact, knee friendly
▸ for round hips & a full top booty

For this workout, I find the MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION extra important! It helps to:
#1 – Keep your leg super straight
#2 – Don’t lift it to the front. You will work the front of your hips instead. If it’s difficult to follow for you, try to lift it a biiiit backwards.
#3 – Do all the lifts sloooow, never swing!
#4 – Touch your upper booty & make sure the muscle is working.


Adding a resistance band is definitely helpful to put more focus on the booty. I can especially recommend it, if you want to target the sides of your butt. In case you don’t have a booty band yet – don’t worry! You can still do this workout 🙂

If you need breaks – TAKE THEM! Don’t worry too much about that. You will improve over time 🙂 The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.


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