My 6am Morning Routine (Stretching Exercises)

My 6am Morning Routine (Stretching Exercises)

April 30, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Adding stretching into your daily workouts is a given but including it in your daily routine is just as important to health and body functioning as regular exercise. Stretching is very important for flexibility, the range of motion and injury prevention. This app provides a great tool for getting efficient, powerful but yet easy to complete stretching session:

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0:00 Single Leg Stretch
0:40 Glute Stretch
1:33 Cross Stretch
2:14 Swan Stretch
2:59 Kneeling Child Pose
3:39 Camel Pose
4:20 Hip Circles
5:00 Feet Stretch
5:44 Knee Raise
6:24 Adductor stretch
7:04 Rotation Stretch
7:44 Hands above head
8:24 Hands to the sides
9:04 Back Lat stretch

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