WEIGHT LOSS Q&A: Thyroid, Sweet Cravings, Portion Sizes & MORE!

WEIGHT LOSS Q&A: Thyroid, Sweet Cravings, Portion Sizes & MORE!

April 12, 2022 0 By FitnessTips


00:00 – Q&A introduction
00:47 – Any advice for losing weight with low thyroid issues?
06:49 – How do you know if you’ve got a low thyroid?
07:55 – Is couscous a good whole food option?
08:47 – Is there a good vegan butter alternative?
10:58 – Why can’t I get rid of my belly?
12:37 – How do you stay positive when not seeing results?
18:31 – How do I know if my portions are right?
26:30 – How do I control my hunger so I don’t binge on high-calorie foods?
30:08 – How do I handle sweet cravings?
34:35 – Eating more slowly to lose weight?
37:13 – What’s the best time to eat my main meal?
41:31 – Should I have cheat days?
46:57 – Is drinking water before meals is good for weight loss?
49:34 – How many calories should I eat for weight loss?
50:47 – Ratio of healthy to unhealthy foods?
53:18 – What’s the best percentage of fat for weight loss?
54:08 – Do you incorporate intermittent fasting?
56:51 – Is tofu technically a processed food?

Referenced Dr Neal Barnard podcast: https://www.pcrm.org/news/exam-room-podcast/thyroid-and-nutrition-your-body-balance

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