Plank Challenge for Flat Tummy

Plank Challenge for Flat Tummy

March 30, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

A strong, stable core is the foundation you need to not only prevent injury but move freely and strongly in every workout. Join the plank challenge and you’ll see noticeable changes in just a month’s time. lose belly fat, plank, flat tummy, plank challenge, burn fat, plank challenge for flat tummy, workout challenge plank, planking for belly fat, flat tummy plank, plank workout for flat stomach, plank workout to reduce belly fat:

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0:00 Kneeling plank
1:00 Plank Twist
2:00 Side Plank
3:16 Plank Rolling
4:16 Star Plank
5:31 Side plank with bench
6:46 Spiderman Plank
7:46 Plank Toe Tap
8:47 Plank with Opposite Arm and Leg Raise
9:47 Front Plank to Toe Tap

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