Do This EVERY Day for BIG Biceps!

Do This EVERY Day for BIG Biceps!

March 28, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Here is something easy you can do every day for big biceps. All it is going to take is a minute or two in total, and it has the potential to totally change the way your biceps look and what you get out of your bicep workouts. It all has to do with getting a better mind muscle connection with your bicep muscle.

Let me start by telling you a little story. When I was growing up, I used to tag along with my older brother for his workouts. He was four years older than me and didn’t really want me hurting myself working out. Not to mention, I was a bit too young to be lifting weights any way. So, he gave me a little 5 lb Marcy dumbbell and told me to stay safe.

There weren’t a lot of exercises I could effectively do with that little of a weight, so I wound up doing a whole bunch of curls. What I learned from doing curls with that little dumbbell however would change the way my biceps would develop not just then but in all the years after. Am I saying that lifting 5 pounds was the key to bigger biceps? No not at all. What I am saying however was that learning how to make that light weight feel heavy by slowing down every rep and contracting my biceps through the rep allowed me to build the mind muscle connection that is necessary for building big biceps – and is often missing in those who struggle to build theirs.

Ask yourself how your arms felt during your last set of either barbell curls or dumbbell curls.

Were you just worried about getting the weight from the starting position to the end position or did you focus more on the quality of the work being done by the biceps in order to get you there? There is actually a simple way to determine which one you did. Ready? Tell me whether you were counting the reps when you did them. If so, then there is a high chance that you were not focused on the quality of the contraction but more the quantity.

In order to get your biceps to respond best to stimulus through your bicep workouts you have to be mindful of getting them to participate in each rep without substitution. This means, learning how to squeeze and contract the biceps through all three parts of their contraction pattern. Flexing the elbow, supinating the forearm and flexing the shoulder or slightly raising the elbow at the end.

This phenomenon has actually been backed up recently with some research coming out of Stanford University by colleagues of Dr. Andrew Huberman. They found that the ability to contract a muscle to the point of discomfort was a positive indicator of one’s ability to grow that muscle. If you lack the ability to create the strength of contraction needed to feel uncomfortable, then this was a sign of a lack of a good mind muscle connection and even the most stimulating of biceps exercises will become more challenging to translate into results.

My early years of lifting were comprised of just two exercises for my big biceps development. The heavy eccentric barbell curl and the chinup. Doing both of these exercises and really only these two bicep exercises was enough for me to build up the strength, size and definition of my arms. That said, many others can do the same two movements and not have any appreciable gains to show for their effort.

Now I can tell you this, I did not have good biceps genetics to speak of. Nobody else in my family has the type of biceps development that I do. It was literally the practice I got at an early age to ingrain the type of motor recruitment necessary to a strong muscular contraction. This led to faster bicep gains as I broadened my training focus.

So how do you get the same to happen for you? Practice.

Try attaining a complete biceps contraction 2-3 times per day for 4 reps of 10 second holds. Bend the elbow by acting as if someone asked you to flex for them. Supinate the forearm and try to increase the intensity of the contraction in the biceps muscle as you do. Finally, raise the elbow up just a bit and see if you can further intensify the cramping feeling. At this point, hold the squeeze as hard as you can for 10 seconds.

The goal is to get the ability to move towards a contraction discomfort over time so you can start getting your biceps to respond neurologically and ultimately lead to getting big biceps.

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