Flat Belly In 14 days (Abs Home Workout)

Flat Belly In 14 days (Abs Home Workout)

March 23, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Abs workout has been scientifically proven to help strengthen all your abdominal muscles. With animations and video guides, you can make sure you perform each exercise safely and effectively. 5 min abs, fast abs workout, 10 min flat abs, 5 min flat abs workout, tone your abs, toned abs workout, flat abs workout, flat abs, ab burn, at home abs, at home abs workout, no equipment abs, intense abs workout, 5 min brutal abs, ab workout, abs, home workout, toned belly, sixpack workout, sixpack abs, belly fat burn, fat burning abs

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0:00 Full Sit Up
0:40 Hip Raise
1:30 V-hold
2:10 Inverted V-Plank
3:00 Oblique Crunches
3:40 Russian Twist
4:30 Arms straight Crunch
5:10 Jack knife
6:00 Bent knee Twist
6:40 Plank SpiderMan
7:30 half burpees
8:11 Abs Stretch-2

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