Do These Exercises After Sleep (Fast Morning Routine)

Do These Exercises After Sleep (Fast Morning Routine)

March 22, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Stretching is essential to your daily life, even if you’re not planning to exercise. Scientifically proven that regular stretching helps reduce muscle stiffness, release pain, improve flexibility and relieve stress. morning stretch routine in bed, morning stretch routine for men, morning stretch routine, morning stretch routine for beginners, morning stretch routine for seniors, 5 stretches to do every morning, stretching in the morning benefits, is stretching in the morning good for you

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0:00 Wrist Stretch
0:44 Neck Stretch
1:29 Wrist Circles
2:14 Elbows Back
2:59 Arms Above Head
3:44 Standing Side Bends
4:29 Windmill
5:14 Yoga Pose 1
5:59 Yoga Pose 2
6:44 Bridge Pose

Stretching is widely used in back pain treatment. Research shows stretching improves the blood circulation of muscles and joints, which can help healing and releasing pain. It’s a natural but essential way to treat pain and decrease fatigue and stress.
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