WEIGHT LOSS Q&A: Bread Addiction, Skinny Fat, Nutritarian, Loose Skin & MORE!

WEIGHT LOSS Q&A: Bread Addiction, Skinny Fat, Nutritarian, Loose Skin & MORE!

March 21, 2022 0 By FitnessTips


00:00 – Q&A introduction
01:03 – If someone was to lose say 150lbs, what would be the best way to deal with loose skin?
06:56 – How to handle family events and interactions without attention to our weight loss journey?
12:31 – How to resist white bread such as French baguette?
17:58 – How long does it take for the body to adjust to WFPB?
20:30 – How does WFPB supply my body with all of the nutrients I need to assist my healing brain?
26:34 – Taste bud changes if we continue to introduce meat and dairy?
31:54 – Is there a daily limit to fruit intake?
34:14 – What’s the truth about bananas? Carbs and sugars?
35:43 – What do you think of bran flakes cereal?
35:53 – Dr Fuhrman advises eating a huge salad every day but not full. Thoughts and suggestions?
37:25 – Is it normal to become skinny fat whilst losing weight?

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