How to Lose 5 LBS Fast (TRY THIS FIRST!)

How to Lose 5 LBS Fast (TRY THIS FIRST!)

February 21, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

If you want to lose 5 lbs fast, particularly of unwanted body fat, then you are going to want to do what I’m showing you here first. In this video, I’m going to give you a simple eating strategy that is going to help you to get on the right track to losing weight and dropping body fat. The key to this technique is that it is simple to do and can work for everyone and doesn’t require the initial wholesale diet changes that often times are impossible for people to stick to, allowing you to make those important changes more gradually when you are more likely to have them succeed.

So what am I asking you to do?

Start eating 6 times per day. Not just random meals however, these need to be at specific times of the day. This is called time prescriptive eating. You will want to start having something to eat every 2.5 hours if possible. Now of course, this window can vary by 20-30 minutes in either direction, but the key is to increase your meal frequency and do so at predictable intervals.

What this does is it starts to teach the people that do it, how to eat rather than just telling you what to eat. Anyone can make temporary changes to the foods that they eat in order to lose weight and experience fat loss, however when you learn how to eat you can make these changes more permanent.

The beauty of this approach to eating is it doesn’t require the initial overhaul to the foods that you are eating currently that some people attempt to do when they diet that only winds up failing in the long term (because it is too much of a departure from the foods they are eating right now). Instead, this allows you to even continue eating what you are right now as long as you agree to the one non-negotiable rule of making sure you eat something at each of the 6 timed meals throughout the day.

Let’s say you regularly do eat breakfast, and you like to eat big ones at that. If you happen to have troubles with portion control right now and your overall calorie consumption is excessive to the point where you are unable to create a deficit at the end of the day (kickstarted by this very large breakfast for example) then what you will find about the prescriptive eating recommendation is that when your mid morning eating time rolls around, you will still be full and unable to eat.

This is not allowed.

You need to eat something at each of the prescribed eating times (separated by roughly 2 and a half hours each time). What will need to happen is you will have to learn how to eat less at your original morning meal to make room for the eating window that is to follow just 2.5 hours later. This will not only help you to start making better decisions in terms of portion sizes at these meals but also making smarter food choices. Eating more proteins and fiber are going to help to create a feeling of fullness that doesn’t rely on inordinately high portion sizes. Not to mention, the foods will be less calorically dense which will help you get to the caloric deficit that is going to be needed to lose weight, while still leaving you satisfied and satiated at each meal.

Now, as portion sizes and food choices start to self regulate you will find that not only are you feeling satisfied at each of the meal times but you are developing an appetite at just around the time you are next scheduled to eat. This is not only a good sign that the approach is working for you and you are learning to control binge eating but also that your metabolism is adapting to the frequency and your body is becoming more efficient at using the available calories.

Given the prevalence of mindless eating and binge eating that makes it difficult to become hypocaloric and lose weight for many, this approach is often times incredibly successful because it puts a rule in place to control that. You are eating at specific times and learning how to eat which becomes empowering in the long run. Again, when you do this, you start to see quick results and losing 5 pounds is often times an easy accomplishment. This sparks a desire to continue to see results by making additional changes such as the introduction of an exercise program, more food swaps and even better meal prep decisions that keep you moving in the right direction.

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