Do These Stretching Exercises Every Morning!

Do These Stretching Exercises Every Morning!

February 17, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Stretching in the morning helps to get your blood and oxygenation to your body flowing, waking up the entire body gently. There are benefits to stretching the relaxed muscles after the state of sleep and relieving any tension from the manner you slept. It’s also a great routine to align proper posture for the day ahead.

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0:00 Chest Stretch
0:34 Back & Chest Stretch
1:09 Arms Above Head
1:44 Back Side to Side Stretch
2:19 Front Toe Touching
2:54 Knee Circles
3:29 Knee Raise
4:04 Seated Shoulder Stretch
4:39 Calf Stretch
5:14 Hamstring Stretch
5:49 Adductor Longus Magnus Stretch
6:23 Single Leg Stretch
6:58 Camel Stretch
7:33 Yoga Pose

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