10 Min Exercises for At Home Workouts on Floor

10 Min Exercises for At Home Workouts on Floor

January 30, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

If you’ve been rinsing the best home workout videos this past year, know you’re not alone. With fluctuating lockdown rules, good at-home sweat options have never been more important. Whether you’re looking for the best workout videos to keep you motivated or the ones that can help you start a new fitness routine from scratch there are tons of great options out there build progress all while making your workouts convenient and accessible.

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0:00 Hip Adduction
0:52 Leg Circle
1:45 Leg Side Kick
2:38 Back Stretch
3:31 Hyperextension
4:30 Superman Hold
5:28 Floor Row with Bent Knee
6:26 Swimmer Kicks
7:24 Prone Swan
8:22 Triceps Dips on Floor
9:20 Lying Legs Hip Raise on Floor
10:18 Kneeling Push-up ver.2

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