5 Kettlebell Exercises to Increase Strength  Coach Rebecca Rouse

5 Kettlebell Exercises to Increase Strength Coach Rebecca Rouse

January 20, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Looking for a minimalist approach to building strength? Say no more. Coach Rebecca Rouse has five moves to build total body strength with just one bell. ?

1. Goblet Squat
-Bring the kettlebell into a goblet hold position at chest height
-Actively pull handles apart to keep chest open and shoulders back & down
-Maintain upright torso and long, neutral spine during squat; avoid rounding/collapsing in upper back
-Primary muscles worked: quads, glutes, hamstrings, abs, upper back

2. Overhead (Military) Press
-Clean a kettlebell into the front rack position, with wrist in a neutral position and the KB held close to the body
-Keep the kettlebell close to the midline by pressing in a vertical (or almost vertical) path until elbow is fully locked out overhead
-Can be performed with single or double kettlebell
-Primary muscles worked: shoulders, traps, lats, abs

3. Farmers Carry
-Deadlift a pair of kettlebells so they hang next to the body in line with the legs
-Walk slowly with kettlebells stabilized next to the sides of the body; there should be very little movement of the bells themselves
-If grip gives out or form starts to break down and posture cannot be maintained, set the bells down and rest
-Can be performed with double kettlebells (farmers carry) or single kettlebell (suitcase carry)
-Primary muscles worked: forearms, abs, lats, upper back

4. Turkish Getup
-Begin on your back with the kettlebell pressed into the air, and from there roll up to the elbow, push up on to the hand, and then sweep the straight leg under the body into a half kneeling windmill position
-Come up into a half kneeling position, then move to standing.
Reverse the entire movement until you’ve returned to the ground in the starting position
-Wrist must remain neutral and loaded arm locked throughout the entire movement
-Primary muscles worked: shoulders, lats, upper back, abs, quads, glutes

5. Kettlebell Swing
-Begin with the KB on the ground in front of you, standing behind the bell approximately the length of one of your feet.
-Set the hips back into a hinge position while simultaneously reaching for the kettlebell.
-Hike the KB back between the legs, higher than knee level, while maintaining the deep hip hinge position.
-Using power from the hips, explosively stand up while allowing the kettlebell to be propelled forward to chest height. At the top of the swing, you should be in a standing plank position, with abs braced and torso vertical.
-Spine should remain long and neutral throughout the entire movement, with the chest open and shoulders pulled back and down.

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