10 Min Full Body Stretch for Flexibility and Mobility

10 Min Full Body Stretch for Flexibility and Mobility

January 10, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

Warm-up exercises is a very important step in any training. It is not only improves the results of training, but also helps to prevent muscle strain and joint injuries. In this video there is provided a set of exercises that You can use as a warm-up before training, and as a separate morning exercises. Performing these exercises provide a good warm-up the muscles and invigorate you.

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0:00 Lateral Stretch
0:36 Back rotation stretch
1:09 Neck Stretch
1:42 Standing Rotation Stretch
2:15 Hip Stretch
2:48 Wrist Stretch
3:21 Cat Stretch
4:09 Spine Stretch
4:57 Wide Pose Spine Stretch
5:45 Leg Lunge Arm Twist
6:33 Cobra Stretch
7:21 Cross Stretch
8:09 Lunge Stretch
8:57 Seated Hamstring Stretch
9:45 Wide Leg Stretch

Only 10 minutes workout every morning and you will get load of energy for whole day!
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