30Min Morning Exercise Workout (Stretching and Flexibility)

30Min Morning Exercise Workout (Stretching and Flexibility)

January 5, 2022 0 By FitnessTips

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0:00 Feet and Ankles Stretch
0:55 Feet and Ankles Rotation Stretch
1:50 Seated wide Angle Pose
2:45 Abdominal Stretch
3:40 Cat Stretch
4:35 Hamstring Stretch
5:31 Spine Stretch
6:26 Spinal Flexion
7:21 Back Stretch Leaning to the side
8:16 Arm Circles
9:11 Bodyweight Windmill
10:05 Upper Body Rotation
11:02 Hip Circles Stretch
11:55 Back Slaps Wrap Arround Stretch
12:52 Swimmer Kicks
13:47 Cross Stretch
14:42 Rotation Stretch
15:37 Spine Stretch
16:32 Look Stretch
17:28 Hip Stretch
18:23 Neck Rotation
19:18 Hip Flexor Stretch
20:12 Calf Stretch
21:08 Circles Knee
22:04 Sitting Back Stretch
22:58 Fixed Back Stretch
23:54 Lateral Stretch
24:49 Deltoid Stretch
25:44 Wide Leg Stretch
26:39 Stomach Stretch
27:35 Bug ver.2
28:30 Shoulder Flexion
29:25 Abs Stretch
30:20 Rest

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