Skinny 23 Year Old *AMAZING* Natural Transformation (23-28)

Skinny 23 Year Old *AMAZING* Natural Transformation (23-28)

December 31, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

This 5 year natural transformation is truly amazing when you consider not just the strength and size improvements made by Jesse but also the hurdles and obstacles he has had to overcome to do this. Starting back in 2016, when Jesse first started working for athlean x, he knew he likely would have to start working out if he was going to be working with Jeff Cavaliere and a fitness company. Reluctantly, he began lifting.

Of course, like any young just-out-of-college male, he didn’t really want to hear from anyone what he should be doing. He opted to do his own workouts and train how he wanted. The results were certainly a bit slow to come but at least he was developing the habit of training and starting to value it more as part of his lifestyle.

As many who have watched this channel have witnessed however, the journey was quickly interrupted by a near fatal car accident. Jesse sustained head trauma that took him away from training all together and greatly limited his ability to exert high effort when he finally returned to the gym. During this time, the habitual improvements he made were gone and he once again found it very hard to be consistent with any workout, let alone one advised to him by Coach Cavaliere.

It was also at this time that Jesse found his eating habits once again veering more towards sweets and low quality food intake. This only made the process of gaining muscle more difficult. Without enough high quality nutrients, and calories in general, Jesse was finding it almost impossible to support any of the time he spent working out in the form of new muscle gains.

Finally, in 2019, after years of inconsistently and haphazardly approaching his fitness plans Jesse appealed to Jeff to finally let him put him on a program. The results have been nothing less than amazing. With a focus on building a strong foundation through compound lifts without the weaknesses and cracks that many others rush to overlook in the pursuit of bigger lifts and numbers alone, Jesse started to build the base.

Little by little, under the guidance of a professional strength coach, Jesse started seeing significant strength and muscle gains. All the while that his compound lifts like the squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press and weighted pullups were improving, he was also working on building up his size through the appropriate accessory exercises.

Essentially, Jesse was following a hybrid strength and powerlifting program like BEAXST that was taking him to all new levels of muscle development and size. His confidence was growing and his gains kept coming.

His chest growth was obvious. His legs, which had long been one of the most stubborn muscle groups on his whole body were finally starting to make noticeable gains. His shoulders and back were starting to look much more muscular. All of his friends and family were noticing the gains that he was making and complimenting him on what he had achieved – mostly knowing how much he had overcome in order to reach the level of consistency he was finally displaying.

The gains have continued all the way through 2020 and 2021 with no signs of slowing down.

The transformation of Jesse is one of my proudest moments as a strength and conditioning coach. Watching him transform not only his body, his strength and his size but his confidence has been one of the most rewarding things to watch. Jesse is like a son to me in many ways. As expected, you will run into the situations where your words or advice may not be followed or listened to. But ultimately, when push comes to shove and the rubber hits the road, the willingness to turn to others for guidance and knowledge winds up producing the most direct path to results.

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