10Min Home Workout (Legs Exercises)

10Min Home Workout (Legs Exercises)

December 29, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

A better looking legs with just a 10 minute workout a day! If you are searching for Effective leg workouts you are at the right place. Short and effective leg workouts that will give you a stronger butt and legs in no time.

0:00 Squat Pulses
1:05 Eccentric Squat
2:05 Jump Squat
3:05 Wall Sit
4:05 Alternate Heel Touch
5:05 Narrow Squat
6:05 Squat Tip-Toe
7:05 Split Squats (R+L)
8:05 Reverse Hyperextension
9:05 Reverse Flutter Kicks

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