The Best Biceps Exercises (Barbell Only)

The Best Biceps Exercises (Barbell Only)

December 25, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

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0:00 Alternate Biceps Curl
0:49 Barbell Curl
1:33 Barbell Drag Curl
2:17 Barbell Reverse Curl
3:01 Barbell Seated Curl
3:46 Barbell Wide grip Curl
4:30 Barbell Close Grip Curl
5:14 Barbell Concentration Curl
5:58 EZ-Barbell Wide Grip Curl
6:43 EZ-Bar Close Grip Curl
7:27 Smith Machine Bicep Curl
8:11 Barbell Incline Curl
8:55 Barbell Preacher Curl
9:40 EZ-Barbell Reverse Grip Curl

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