Effective Cardio Training for Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Effective Cardio Training for Fat Burning and Weight Loss

December 15, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

Here’s some welcome news: You don’t ‘have’ to run or hop on the elliptical machine, stationary bike, or treadmill to get stronger and faster. We’re inviting you to think beyond the machine for a moment. Many exercises you might associate primarily with strength training can actually double as cardio exercises. The best way to get your heart pumping and the sweat dripping? Compound exercises, which involve multiple joints and more than one muscle group. This way, you get every part of your body in on the action and burn more calories:

0:00 Standing Elbow to Knee Crunch
0:57 Jump Rope
1:53 Burpee HIIT
2:48 Starfish Crunch
3:43 Skater Hops
4:39 Crab Twist
5:34 Split High Lunge
6:29 Flutter Kicks
7:25 Medicine Ball Sit-up
8:20 Russian Twist
9:15 High Knee Running
10:11 High Knee Squat

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