The Best Exercises For Your Health at Home

The Best Exercises For Your Health at Home

December 14, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

If your living gym workouts are feeling a little stale by now, we have you covered: The best home workout programs can breathe some life into your workout routine and even may introduce you to some new ways to exercise. full-body exercises at home, best exercises at home, exercise for beginners at home, 20 different types of exercises at-home, list of exercises, how to exercise at home without equipment, list of bodyweight exercises, workout routine at home, best at-home workout programs

0:00 Around the World
0:57 Sumo Squat
1:52 Wall Sit
2:47 Bodyweight Overhead Squat
3:42 Lying Floor Row
4:37 Back Stretch (R+L)
5:32 Triceps Dips Floor
6:27 Frog Crunch
7:22 Handwalk Push-up
8:17 Jump Split
9:11 Superman Push-up
10:01 Reverse plank
10:41 Toe Touches

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