QUALIFY FOR THE OLYMPIA  Fouad Abiad, James Hollingshead, Iain Valliere & Nathan Deasha  BB&B #82

QUALIFY FOR THE OLYMPIA Fouad Abiad, James Hollingshead, Iain Valliere & Nathan Deasha BB&B #82

December 13, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

Nathan Deasha joins Fouad Abiad, James Hollingshead and Iain Valliere for another awesome episode of Bodybuilding & Bollocks!

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro

01:15 Nathan’s Competitive History and Future Plans

08:18 Strategically Picking Shows and Prize Money

13:05 Nathan Getting His Look Back

17:18 Fouad’s New Coach, His FitBit

19:05 James Update

19:49 Ian’s Insane Legs

23:40 Tampa Pro & Sergio’s Aura

26:36 Intimidating People Off Gym Equipment / Working In

30:32 Drinking to Kill Stage Nerves

34:44 Are you an “Up” or “Down” Guy?

38:06 Win the Arnold and never be top 5 in Olympia? or vice versa?

39:43 Opinion on Bodybuilding Art? @tyranotaurus IG

43:25 Is Cardio okay if legs are sore?

43:41 PR You’re Proud of?

48:04 Nathan’s Gym Atmosphere

49:07 Creatures of Habit / Nathan’s a Party Animal

53:15 Devil’s Lettuce

57:09 Favourite Sundae Toppings?

58:26 Active Recovery vs Full Rest Day?

1:01:42 Will Chris Bumstead Ever Be Dethroned?

1:03:37 10 Mr.O Wins but have to drive Geo Metro? Car Talk

1:08:50 RMP @dan_ob_shw 0/10

1:12:12 RMP Push Back

1:14:30 RMP @david_j_johnston 8/10

1:17:56 Nick vs Blessing Aftermath

1:22:08 Patrick vs Shaaban Cali Pro

1:26:49 Nathan isn’t in Shape?

1:30:41 Would You Lie For a True Friend?

1:31:35 RBP Crew Who Places Highest at Olympia?

1:36:30 Paying Your Dues / Politics

1:38:55 One Breakfast Food Has to Go

1:39:59 Did Dorian Push BBing Towards Mass Monsters?

1:50:27 Jail for 6 months or solve a rubix cube?

1:52:55 Does Jail Suck?

1:54:58 Outro