SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY  Fouad Abiad, Nick Walker, Iain Valliere & Guy Cisternino  Bro Chat #34

SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY Fouad Abiad, Nick Walker, Iain Valliere & Guy Cisternino Bro Chat #34

December 6, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

Fouad Abiad, Nick Walker, Iain Valliere and Guy Cisternino get together for Bro Chat #34. They discuss sexual compatibility in a relationship, fighting, sponsorships and more everyday shit.

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Time Stamps:

00:00 Sponsored by Manscaped
00:53 Nick Walker’s first guest posing
06:05 Ian’s passion for promoting and Fouad Abiad Championships
08:34 Guy gets interrogated
15:53 Tampa Pro and Olympia qualifications
22:31 2021 Arnold Classic
30:17 Q&A Highest body count on the podcast?
35:24 Will women ever get the same prize money as men?
39:35 Who would you trust on the podcast to pick a tattoo for you?
41:59 How many grapes can Guy fit in this mouth?
42:24 What would you change about your appearance?
47:12 Blender meals or no carbs for 12 weeks?
48:10 Replace one body part with an animal part
50:04 1 truck, 1 daily, 1 fun car
53:12 Pro Split vs Push Pull Legs
56:36 Drunk or high 24/7
59:04 Would you ever try a powerlifting meet?
1:01:05 Would you still be successful if you didn’t bodybuild?
1:04:42 Picking your first sponsor
1:26:30 Bar fight podcast picks
1:32:40 Side effects from gear
1:36:10 Dealing with bodybuilding boyfriend sex drive
1:52:30 How to support a bodybuilder boyfriend
1:55:27 Most annoying question?
2:00:19 Live for 2000 years in the future or past?
2:03:23 Wrapping it up