Intense 9 Exercises At Home Calf Workout

Intense 9 Exercises At Home Calf Workout

December 6, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

What is the best workout for calves?
What exercises work the calves?
How do I bulk up my calves?
Is it worth it to workout calves?

0:00 Donkey Calf Raise
0:49 One Leg Floor Calf Raise
1:39 Calf Raise from Deficit with Chair Supported
2:29 Standing Calf Stretch
3:19 Band Two Legs Calf Raise
4:09 Calf Stretch with Rope
4:59 Feet and Ankles Side to Side Stretch
5:49 Feet and Ankles Stretch
6:38 Ankle Circles

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