Why You Should Be Tracking Macros

Why You Should Be Tracking Macros

November 22, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

In this video, I’m sharing why tracking macros can be one of the most beneficial tactics you learn when going low carb/keto.

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If you have ever tried to calculate your macros but different calculators give you different results?

Which one should you follow?

One of the biggest issues my readers and almost any keto-dieter face is being able to understand what foods you need to eat to sustainably get to your goal weight.

It’s a real struggle when you’re unsure, or you second guess your numbers….

After helping hundreds of clients calculate their macros and optimise for sustainable results, I’ve been able to help clients:

– Reduce the need for diabetic medication by reducing their HBa1c and fasting blood glucose
– Decrease inflammation and alleviate symptoms of arthritis
– Reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures
– Most importantly, get down to a healthy BMI to reduce their risk of future health complications.

Now, I know that tracking macros can have a bit of a learning curve…

So I’ve gone ahead and created the ultimate resource that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to get started, plus so much more!

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Imagine what it would be like to go from overweight to a healthy BMI in just a short 8 weeks?