10 Transform Neck & Traps Exercises

10 Transform Neck & Traps Exercises

November 14, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

-A beginner should only do 1 set of each movement for about 15-20 repetitions. More advanced athletes can perform up to three sets of each exercise and go as low as 10 reps with greater resistance.
-As the neck can be easily strained or injured it is best to do every movement under full control, with a slow, steady tempo and no momentum or jerking.
-If your neck is particularly weak you may want to do these exercises without weight and simply put a small amount of pressure on your head with one of your hands.
-The neck can be trained up to twice per week, but always with at least 2 days off between sessions.

0:00 Neck Side Stretch
0:49 Neck Circle Stretch
1:34 Front and Back Neck Stretch
2:20 Side + Push Neck Stretch
3:05 Cable Seated Neck Extension
3:50 Cable Seated Neck Flexion
4:35 Dumbbell Shrug
5:20 Dumbbell Incline Shrug
6:05 Dumbbell Decline Shrug
6:50 Weighted Lying Neck Flexion


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