Eating Was the Only Way to Deal with My Husband’s Death  Beny Hadid Transformation Story

Eating Was the Only Way to Deal with My Husband’s Death Beny Hadid Transformation Story

October 6, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

After the sudden loss of her husband, Beny Hadid turned to eating to cope with her fear and grief.
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Now, nine years later, she’s taken back her life and discovered that hard work and discipline are the secrets to overcoming anything.

Nine years ago, Beny Hadid’s husband died suddenly of pancreatic cancer just six months after his first symptoms appeared. Left to care for her two small boys, Beny felt shocked, scared, and alone. She turned to food to cope with her feelings, which led her to gain a lot of weight and bury her pain and grief.

Two years ago, Beny reached a point where she just wasn’t happy with herself and the direction in which her health was headed, so she decided to make a change.

Sadly, 9-1/2 years ago, my husband had pancreatic cancer. It was very fast: He had the first symptoms in January and by June we had lost him. I was left alone and shocked by the situation. I had two little boys who were 6 and 11 at that time. When you have little kids, you don’t have time to be depressed or dwell on anything else. I had to keep going.

My way out was food. I started eating like crazy because it was the only way to deal with my feelings. I gained 36 kilograms—about 79 pounds.

Beny’s Top 5 Fitness Tips
1. Start Somewhere

Don’t try to do it all at once because it can be overwhelming. Just start making small changes; Maybe try eliminating soda. Then the next day, maybe eat just half your normal amount of bread or sugars. Get down on the mat and do five sit-ups. Introduce small changes in your life that you can do consistently. There is no secret formula—you have to take action.

2. Fake It Till You Make It

The first day I walked into that gym, I had no idea how to use any of the equipment. I decided to act like I knew what I was doing and imitate everyone who used the machines. Little by little, I gained some knowledge and figured out how to work out on my own.

3. Mix It Up, but Keep What You Love

I think it’s a very good idea to add new things and make changes to your routine because your body adapts so easily to things. These days, I am also doing a little spinning and still boxing some days. But weightlifting—weightlifting is every day. That’s my crush; I’m in love with weightlifting.

4. Don’t Let Fear or Worry Stop You

When I see those pictures of myself from before, I realize how scared I was of everything. Because of that, I thought I wasn’t able to do anything. If I could, I would tell the woman I was nine years ago not to worry, that everything is going to be OK and that she is much stronger than she thinks she is.

5. Set New Goals

There are still so many changes I want to make in my body, and I love setting new goals. Right now, I am really liking deadlifting and squatting with weights, so I would love to be able to get into get some competition on that. I am working a little as a health coach, and I would love to keep doing that and see how far it can go.


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