Full Body 20-Minute At Home HIIT Workout  Daury Dross

Full Body 20-Minute At Home HIIT Workout Daury Dross

September 17, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

Fire up your home workout and build muscle and making gains with this full body 20-minute kettlebell workout from DrossFit and RSP Nutrition.
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Warm-Up Circuit
1. Warm-Up
2. Squats
3. Hip Openers
4. Squat Thrusts

Circuit 1 – 2 Rounds
1. Kettlebell Swings: 45 seconds
2. Hand Release Push-Ups: 45 seconds
3. Plank Reach Outs: 45 seconds

Circuit 2 – 4 Rounds
1. Burpees or Squat Thrust: 30 seconds
2. Goblet Squats: 30 seconds

Circuit 3 – AMRAP in 5 Minutes (As many round as possible)
1. Goblet Cleans: 10 reps
2. Goblet Halos: 8 reps
3. Jumping Lunges: 6 reps


Daury Dross
When I was young I was teased for being overweight. Once I reached sophomore year of high school I decided to make a change and started weightlifting. Not only did I gain confidence but it also became a stress reliever for me. Fitness has taught me that consistency and discipline come hand in hand when it comes to achieving my goals. Not only did it change me physically but also mentally. It became my therapy and I’ve never looked back. In my many years as a fitness professional; what I love the most is the positive impact I’ve made in peoples lives beyond fitness. Whether it’s helping them achieve their goals or simply getting through their work day and tough times. One of my many mantras is:

00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Warm-Up Circuit
04:35 – Circuit 1
12:05 – Circuit 2
16:45 – Circuit 3
24:15 – Cooldown

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