Do These 10 Exercises to Get Massive and Strong Legs!

Do These 10 Exercises to Get Massive and Strong Legs!

September 12, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

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exercise1 0:00 Squat
exercise2 0:40 Goblet Squat
exercise3 1:07 One Leg Calf Raise
exercise4 1:41 Lever Leg Extension + One Leg Extension
exercise5 2:11 Lever Seated Calf Raise
exercise6 2:53 Single Leg Standing Hamstring Curl
exercise7 3:27 Jump Squat
exercise8 3:57 Lever Standing Calf Raise
exercise9 4:40 Dumbbell RDL
exercise10 5:09 Horizontal Leg Press

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