Top 3 Meal Prep Hacks for EASY Keto Meal Prep

Top 3 Meal Prep Hacks for EASY Keto Meal Prep

September 6, 2021 0 By FitnessTips

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Welcome back to another fatforweightloss video. I’m so glad you’re here because I’ve got some exciting hacks to share with you inside this video. I’ve put together a list of my top 3 hacks that will help you meal prep easier, and faster than ever before.

I could have included so many more, but I really want to stress how important these tips are. Get these right, and you’ll make meal prep so much easier than before.

If you’re looking for some really easy keto meal prep recipes, I’ve got a whole book full of them. It’s called Easy Keto Meal Prep, and it’s out on December 17th. You can pre-order the cookbook using my link in the description of this video where you’ll get an extra 30% off (I’m pretty sure it’s $19 for the cookbook). I’m not only giving you these hacks but saving you money as well.

Let’s get into it. Starting with number 3, is using a kitchen timer. Don’t underestimate the old faithful timer! I already know what you probably do (because I do it as well) once you start cooking, or you throw something in the oven, you look at your watch… then walk away and get distracted. You’ll either come back to black ash or unnecessarily stress yourself out.

What I usually do is set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes less than what the recipe says, then just monitor the last few minutes. This is useful because depending on the power of your appliances, 5 or 10 minutes less can sometimes be a good thing. You can always cook more, you can’t really control alt delete, or shake to undo with cooking.

Pretty much every oven has a timer. If your oven doesn’t have one, use your phone. If you’re near a browser, just type in 10-minute timer into google and it will let you know once it’s done.

Simple right. Let’s move onto tip number 2. Sharp knives.

I used to work in a butcher, surrounded by ban saws and grinding machines and slicing devices. The safest thing you could do to avoid cutting yourself was to keep it sharp, no matter what it was.

When you have a sharp knife, you know where the knife is going. If you have a blunt old knife that you’ve never sharpened before in your life, you will risk that knife sliding, and going sideways into your fingers.

Sharp knives might feel dangerous, and they can still be, but trust me, they are so much safer than meal prepping with a blunt knife. Plus, it’s almost twice as quick at everything. Tomatoes? Onions? Chicken? All terrible with blunt knives. Buy 1 knife, keep it sharp. Keep it simple.

This brings me to my last hack, and it’s my favourite. It’s called the handy dandy waste bowl. How many times have you been chopping up vegetables, and the waste just kinda goes everywhere. You try and get as much of it in your hands on your way to the bin, then awkwardly try to open the bin, take the hands you’ve just opened the bin with and rub them all over your food, rinse and repeat.

A waste bowl is going to be your new best friend. Call your best friend and tell them you’ve got a new one, and it’s a bowl… then say “Aaron from fatforweightloss told me to do it”. Okay, maybe not. But regardless, having a bowl that’s on the bench beside your working area cuts down meal prepping soooo much.

So, when all your friends have left you, and you’ve replaced them all with bowls filled with meal prep scraps, you’ll find comfort in my new cookbook. It’s called Easy Keto Meal Prep, and its available on Amazon, or any book stores near you. Simple ingredients, easy recipes, quick meal prep, dessert options, alternate recipes, 8 weeks jam-packed into 1 book. Gosh, you’ll wonder why you even had friends in the first place.

So, I hope those little hacks keep you busy for the next little while. Stay healthy, and I’ll see you next week.